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I survived the the back to school after easter! Actually it was a rather easygoing day. Watched a movie, listened to teachers talk, and had two really good things happen. First, we had to pick classes for the fourth marking period. Derek, Victoria, Anne, and I tried to take starball, but there were too many people. As a result, some people were drafted to Frisbee including me so I was separated. I'm only acquaintainces with the people in my class which meant i'd have to go through the pain of being partnered with whoever was left. Didn't appeal to me in the slightest (I hate working in groups in French-_-'), but wasn't much I could do. I settled for leaning against Derek. He's actually a rather comfy chair^^ I also got to play around with Victoria. She decided to switch into Frisbee so I wouldn't be alone. "Hey Derek, want to join Frisbee?" "Sure" Anne would've been abandonded, but happily came with us. Yay! I feel so loved! Funny how small things can change your mind, but I never fail (or I try not to lolz) to notice.

I did and didn't miss people. What's with that? I did miss Jillian. I didn't realize until I saw her which is how I am. I seldom really miss people until I see them again and at the parting. Another self-defense mechanism I have I believe. I missed Victoria, Ryoshi, and Derek too. Eh, that's it really. The other good thing was I didn't go to Study Hall today. I managed to convince Ryoshi to let me sit in his class. I was surprised he let me. I finished the adorable Riku/Sora fanfic I got from Jillian and got to talk to him. Sadly, he was feeling sick to his stomach. I hope he's feeling better. Ryoshi also gave Jillian and I plenty of Air, a gorgeous anime. Jillian was sad I think. she said "Say something to cheer me up!" Just before she left. I said "I love you!" Best thing I could come up with on short notice. Maybe i'll do something for her. Oh, I know! I found a cute Sora/Riku colorbar!

I's want more Leon/Ashley! Fortunately..*squee!* I just saw the Silent Hill trialer! It's going to be freaky, but I still want to see it. I'm bad with gore, but the Resident Evil movies were actually funny. 'Nother thing to look forward to (maybe in the next weeks, shipping, bleh), I ordere the Noir playing cards! I've been having fun with my Ghost in the Shell cards and since i'm suh a Noir obsessor anyway... I stopped by the river an hour or so ago. I couldn't see well. It was strange, it was lighter when I got there and even though I sat there, I didn't see it become dark. How strange. I think i'll continue rereading Binah.

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