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Woah, I have Roxas syndrome! Kevin spent two hours and 11 minutes playing Kingdom Hearts
II. You know how Roxas kept going in and out of reality? Well, I kept dozing on and off after like the first half of an hour. I was paying attention, but I was so tired for some reason. It was like I lost control of what was going on. I eventually feel completely asleep without meaning to. I think I was subconciously listening to the game because I semi dreamed about Kingdom Hearts II. I suddenly woke up and the first words out of my mouth was "Black box". For some reason Sora had been talking about planes and was describing something unbreakable placed in a plane to keep track of it or something so I was like "Hey, that's a black box!". Kevin was like "WTF are you talking about?" I was groggy and suddenly utterly confused. My mind feels so fuzzy, even more so earlier. I'm rather slow. *shakes head* I'm not sure what I dreamed and what happened at this point. Kevin filled me in on what I missed. I was awake for the struggle tournament. Why'd they have to use Crispin Freeman's voice for Setzer? He sucks, a whiny prettyboy thus far. Growl. Anyway, Kevin and I are really enjoying Kingdom Hearts II. I just hope it gets out of my mind O_o I'm not even a Kingdom Hearts obsessed person! I wasn't one of the people waiting for the sequel with bated breath. I'll be back later. Time for more KHII. I definitely like Passion more than Sanctuary, but they're both awesome. Lolz, *pulls an Olette* Here's some Ice Cream! I approve of their tastes XD

Ok back several hours later. Spent four hours total on that darn game. We finally got Sora back. Wonder what happened to Roxas? I have the Body worlds trip for Ms.Feinstein's calls tomorrow. I'm going to be wondering "what was this person's name? what kind of life did they live..."

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