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Apr. 5th, 2006

...Huh, I forget what I was going to say. I was going to update earlier, but I was helping Takkun was his homework. It was a good-sized vocab crossword puzzle. Happily, I knew all the words he had so he would give me a definition and I gave him the word. I feel smart! Lol. I went online earlier as Derek asked, but he wasn't there. Don't know what I was going to say anyway :P I'm rather poor at talking online sometimes. Come to think of it, I don't think we know each other that well O_o' We know each other's personality, but I don't think many of our likes and dislikes. Huh, I think it's like that with quite a few of my friends. I bet I could tell you likes and dislikes of Caitlin and Tiernan, but they couldn't do the same for me. Probably because I spend most of my time having fun with people, don't give much about myself besides always being myself if that makes sense. I still have to watch Noir The Unsoled Story! I adore the Puppet show! Rawr, I WILL do that tonight! We're watching Advent Children tomorrow and Air afterwards. I never got around to watching it, I mean Air. I slept in the bottom bunk again last night simply for comfort. I slipped out early in the morning so Kevin didn't (I originally said doesn't, but he just looked at my entry =D He's fricking proof-reading my journal...and doing a good job) know. I even said "At least I stayed in my room last night" and he said "Well, I didn't play as much yesterday". Lol, I am good at slinking around! I am teh wolf ninj4! Neh, Wolf'll do for me. Good news, Laura says she's going to follow me home on Friday and Derek, Josh, and Romeo might do so as well! I hope we'll have fun, even if it ends up being just Laura. I'll get to know her better. Gah, Fire fox is acting stupid, i'll have to wait to post this.

Kevin likes a mechanical pencil I got from somebody ages ago, I forget who. Kevin says to go through people's book bags and tell them i'm looking for a cookie. He also says they would probably let me. I think he's right.*huggles Ryoshi and runs* CATALINA!!!WHY'D YOU HAVE TO CUT OFF ALL OF YOUR HAIR AND SLEEP WITH JOE MORE!? That's so funny. Where did everyone go? I don't get comments on live journal anymore! Have I been abandoned!? Say something Derek or Jillian! Meh, "Gravity" is an awesome song. So pretty, romantic, and sad! It brings me back to Amon X Robin fandom!<-LOVE! I wants more Ghost In The Shell!

I did this like hours ago, but the computer went stupid on us :P

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