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Phew, i'm tired. I spent the day going around the city. I have to be honest, some parts of the city disgust. I can't believe what some people are like. Anway, I was with my brother and Nana. We went and saw the Second Ice Age which I really liked. It wwas pretty amusing. I got a new spring jacket (and CD player since she tossed the container) from Nana for Easter and Kevin got Resident Evil Outbreak:File 2! Mom gave me her old spring jacket that I often steal since she got two new ones. I guess Nana wasn't happy about that. We spent A LONG time shopping for a coat. I'm happy that she cares, but it was a test of patience especially since Kevin kept sighing and glaring. Dinner was pretty good, Kevin and I amused ourselves by making a pickle look like it had been slaughtered by sticking toothpicks in it, putting ketchup around the "wounds", and using the colesaw for guts. ROFL! We did it in Williamsburg too, Nana got mad both times, but we were laughing too hard. They played "Dancing Queen" which Kevin hates. So, we semi made a parody. I don't know why singing about a dancing cheese was so funny, but it was =D

We tested Resident Evil Outbreak:File 2 as soon as we got home after I made fun of Mom. I pretended shock that she was washing dishes since I just about always do them. I feel sort of bad about it, but IT IS rare for someone else to do it. Anway, the game was crrepy, but we didn't get anywhere. Kevin started with the Character Kevin (Lol) and tried to do the tutorial. We had a problem with his first partner, Cindy the Waitress. She refused to follow for some reason. "Come with me!" "No!" Kev and I both went "Wha!? O_o' why not?" Finally, we got annoyed and Kevin shot her. The controller starting vibrating for unknown reasons. We were both rather creeped out if ashamed that we didn't get farther about the whole thing. Kevin went back to playing Kingdom Hearts. I'm still confused O_o' Another note about the game, they're almost always yelling at each other, at least they did whenever they exchanged items. "HEY YOU!" Wha? I'm wanting Leon and Ashley right now, wish I had fanfic for them. Noir fanfiction too, I was happy because they updated "Life Goes On", which is a decent Gunslinger Girl X Noir crossover. Mireille would make a decent handler. Don't want to spoil it, but I don't like who they killed off! Wah!!!

So, yeah, things are pretty good. I'm not looking forward to my huge Biology assignment or having my nineteen-year-old-FEMALE stalker call me again, but you know. I'll just deal. On a side note, i'm beginning to wonder if my element is wind. There always seems to be a lot of it when i'm going out, doing whatever. According to tests, my element is light, but I get air sometimes too or earth or fire. Bleh, I get various ones. I'm very versatile after all!
Whee, I finished all of the Anita Blake books that are out! I recently read Narcissus in Chains, Burnt Offerings, and Micah. *happiness!* I alos got a new stuffed leopard yesterday! It is sooo cute. I'm starting to collect leopards and wolves, but I have some wolves. I'm naming the leopards after wereleopards. I lended Micah to Brittany and I named the new one Cherry. She's and Enzeru are my bed buddies. A little silly, but I like them so who cares? I have my room to myself again, the Nana took off. Phew, the lack of her presence makes it easier to get along with my Mom. I spent the day running errands with the parents yesterday and enjoyed myself. We went to Best Buy and I was going to get volumes 2,5, and 6 of Ghost In The Shell, but Dad and I decided to check for a boxset because it would cost less and we could always sell the volumes we owned. We picked up volume two so Mom could watch the first twelve episodes not to mention my enjoyment :) I ended up finally getting a new CD player, pretty good one. But I FRICKING DROPPED IT THIS MORNING AND IT BROKE! I was so pissed off, it's not that broken, I just can't get it to close. I'm hoping my Dad will be able to fix it when he gets back. ROWR! I finished Ms.Feinstein's essay which was a huge pain in the ass, actually more annoying than a LaTorre essay >_<'

Anyway, Mom, Dad, and I checked out Whole Foods and they have some cool (and yummy) stuff there. We got dinner (two already roasted chickens and seafoood gumbo). It was good, I didn't really like their hot wings :P I like mine all hot, no sweet even remotely thanks. The Seafood gumbo was delicious though, i'm glad I asked for it. mom and Dad were really nice to me yesterday. Sadly, Takkun is sick, but got to hang around with his friend Sean. Hey, get off the keyboard bird! Moving on, him being sick allowed us to stay home today. "Red Data" was the name of the new episode of Ghost In The Shell, I liked it. It was centered around the Major invesitgating Kuze and this refugee was following her around after she rescued him. can't say I like her pajamas lol, she might as well be sleeping in the nude! I think low-riding undies would annoy me. I watched 4 episodes of Ghost In the Shell wiht mom and Dad last night. It was nice.
Be back later!

Ghost In The Shell

OK, ok, let me tell everyone just onething....

I've seen all of the first season about twice, some episdoes more than others. I'm currently following the second, up to episode 14 "Poker Face". Screencaps are above. My brother and I watched the episode again today since it was so fricking awesome. It was about how Saito lost and was recruited by the Major. <3<3<3 I have my Dad to thank for getting me into it. He ordered the original movie and we both watched it, liked it. Heard about the series, and we both watched it on Adult Swim. Thank the Moon for Tivo! Anway, we both fell got really into it, the show being a good mix of comedy, cop drama, and serious thought. I haven't met a person who doesn't like the opening for either season as of yet. Yay for "Inner Universe" and "Rise"! Made by Yoko Kanno and sang prefectly by Origa. I can't decide which I like better! I'm really loving 2nd GIG, it's every bit as good as the first. It's been interesting to get to know more about the characters too. I reccomend to most people, though many will find it complicated and confusing. I still don't completely understand all of it^^' I'll have to watch it all again when I get the chance. More screencaps!

None other than Major Motoko Kusanagi

Group pic:the Major, Togusa, Batou
It's got a great webpage too: http://www.ghostintheshell.tv/
Hm, time to get a Ghost in the Shell Icon!

Just Amusing Myself

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Kyobi!

  1. Kyobi does not have toes!
  2. In Japan it is considered rude to talk with Kyobi in your mouth.
  3. There are more than two hundred different kinds of Kyobi!
  4. Baskin Robbins once made Kyobi flavoured ice cream!
  5. All gondolas in Venice must be painted black unless they belong to Kyobi!
  6. Kyobi became extinct in England in 1486.
  7. Kyobi can squeeze her entire body through a hole the size of her beak!
  8. Kyobi is the only one of the original Seven Wonders of the World that still survives!
  9. If you don't get out of bed on the same side you got in, you will have Kyobi for the rest of the day.
  10. Kyobi can use only about ten percent of her brain.
I am interested in - do tell me about

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I actually to be happy and cheerful around my friends^^' Nor am I that closed-off. Overall, a good quiz. Though is true I tend not to le tpeople what's going on on the inside...

Mar. 4th, 2006

The most bizarre thing happened last night. Even now, i'm like "What The F*** was that about?" I was just at the computer, finally able to get on after my brother was hogging it since he's grounded during the week. He's a lazy bum and concentrated more on the computer than his grades, thus the no computer or playstation during the week. Rowr, it makes getting on a battle and when I am on, he's constantly whining about letting him get on. When of the things that truly me annoys me, but I manage not to bite off his head for it. He goes to bed and I get the computer for a little bit since I like my sleep.

Anyway, I was watching various AMVs like "I'm Not Crazy" for Faye from Cowboy Bebop, "Die Another Day" for Read or Die the TV, "Time" for Witch Hunter Robin (I luvs Amon and Robin) "Placebo" an excellent Chloe from Noir dedication etc. I was watching the "World on Fire" AMV that was done for Noir and out of nowhere, I felt extremely sad and started crying. Didn't know why, wasn't much, but what the hell? I was fine not long afterwards just puzzled and remotely empty. Yep, definitely time for bed. Maybe too many Emo videos or..well...I NEVER cry so i'm thinking it builds up. I'm thinking mostly the videos, but a bit of both. *huggles kitty cats*

Well, i'm good now, hopeful for something this weekend. Can't say I want my cousins to come over, but I would never turn my Aunt Carry or them away. They're real family, I loves them. I'm thinking about curling up in my bed for a bit longer, thinking things out (I do that too often, I withdraw when i'm upset, take care of myself), and reading fanfic. You know what? I'm feeling good, maybe last night was a good thing. Please come out today sun, I want to head out for the first time in a long time, not since my lovely hike with Jill.


Don't look at me like that! I'm going to go Wash the dishes XDDDD

Washing The Dishes

ROFL, LOLZ *dies laughing* I love "Washing The Dishes" by BakaBlond. It's the funniest Noir fanfic i've ever read except for perhaps "Bunker Fever" or "When a Job Goes very wrong" both by Cavalyn. I love this story, but warning for some Yuri at the end: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2321064/1/

“You- you’re in love with Mirielle?” I gasp out, and he puts a finger on my lips, shushing me. He bends down and whispers in my ear.
“Ah, I’m in love with that ass, little bit, and I’ll do most anything to get it.” he winks and I try not to show the flood of emotions coming over me.
“Her…ass?” I whisper back. It seems funny, to be talking about Mirielle’s ass, but in another way, I like it.
“The best I’ve ever seen. Take a look yourself sometime. Ah, you’re so lucky, little one, to be her flatmate- you get to see that ass every day!” he squeezes the top of my head for emphasis and I yelp.
“What are you doing to her?” Mirielle appears back in the room, looking like she’s ready to throw the vase at Anton.
“Nothing.” I say, rubbing my head.
“We were discussing your lovely ass.” Anton arches his eyebrows suggestively in her direction.
“Kirika!” she gasps, staring at me.
“Not me, Mirielle! “ I stammer out, suddenly embarrassed. “He started it!”-Washing the Dishes

Inspired and vastly amused, I ran around today asking people "If you could wash dishes with anybody you know, who would it be?" and I didn't explain the hidden meaning. At first, I giggled myself senseless, taking the meaning from the Fanfic. I started by bouncing up to Victoria E.Q., one of my best buddies and bouncy/happy most of the time. We become "high" around one another for some reason. We're always joking about something. I can't feel sad around her. anyway, I asked her and she pondered for a bit. "Like a lot of dishes?" "Yep, a whole sink full." "Hm...I would want to wash dishes with you Lauren! I'd have a bunch of dishes in the sink at night, call you up, and ask 'Hey Lauren, wanna wash dishes?'" *dies* "sure Victoria I would wash dishes with you!" *giggles self senseless*

Here's what people said:
Jillian:Me (but would prefer Leon, we wants him!)
Kirk:Himself (which led to Derek and I joking, still taking it wrong when I asked him)
Paul Reznik:Derek
Josh McHugh:Derek
Caitlin:Me, Kismet, and Tiernan (see more below)
Kelsey:"Whoever is the best dishwasher. I would have a dishwashing contest" (this made me really laugh
Ms.Feinstein:Her husband (Yes, I did ask some teachers XD)

After awhile, I started taking it as a serious, literal, non-sexual question. After all, it is a valid question. I noticed people chose people that A.wanted to/loved to spend time with or B.was good at washing dishes. Caitlin was the exception. I'd forgetten that I told her before, when I first read the story. Her response cracked us both up once she pointed out that the three of us HAVE literally washed dishes together before! Then it was even better because the four usually share the same sleeping space! XDDD


Best of all?

Ryoshi said me! That's a total of 10 out of 18 people I asked who want to wash the dishes with me! It nay be because i'm the one who asked the question, but my personality seemed to contribute. Ms.Felgoise has been the only person so far to ask me the question back. I though saying Ryoshi would be taken wrong, so I ended up saying Tiernan. It was a tough call, there's a lot of people I would love to spend time like that with since you can learn a lot by working together. "Why?" she asked. "Because she's almost always happy and fun-loving" She chuckled "And You're not? You're always sad uh huh" "Yep!" I cheerfully bounced away. Despite finding school annoying, I AM cheerful there most of the time. Huh, probably because I get to spend time with my friends.

I guess my fears about Kismet were unfounded. Yes, we have changed, but there's hope yet. She does care about me. I'm ashamed I doubted her, she's just a bit unpredictable sometimes. Sadly I won't get to see her this weekend, but the parents said next might be fine :) She may even be reading my journal now. I just hope it doesn't hurt her...
As promised, i'm seeking the light and i've pulled myself out of my depression. I'm glad I can rely on myself to motivate and cheer myself up. Not always, but enough to live life fairly happily. I can't ignore the good things. I'm the only person I know who will keep acting the same, still laugh and joke and such when sad, thought within a limit. Walking to school was careful going this morning. Many of the sidewalk were covered with ice and you couldn't see it. I could only feel it by the way my feet slid. Walking carefully, I didn't fall at all. I was just partially nervous if amused. "Oh noes i'm going to fall! HA! Onward to school!" YAY!!! I was spared from having to walk in the rain again thanks to my beloved Ryoshi. He drove me home again as he did Tuesday. What would I do without him? We had japanese yesterday and I decided to bring Ryoshi Miso soup which I happily did. It made him happy^^

Lunch slowly seems to be getting more interesting. I'm glad I was getting groped by James, i'd have to hurt him. He was behaving himself though so I sat on his lap for a bit since there weren't other seats at our talbe not to mention the whole I-like-physical-contact-in-non-sexual-way. It makes me feel safe and warm. The conversations tend to get perverted, the joke about us all being lovers doesn't help. Chris Zellars came over and sat on me, three people is..er...interesting. Chris joked about being Ryoshi-san's lover which made me laugh. It also led to jokes about oreos and sorts depending on who was involved. Jeez guys, but it was funny ^_^' I moved to Derek's lap afterwards since I trust him a hell of a lot more (he won't grope me). Also, I would like to go out with him, but he has a girlfriend and I would never delibirately split up another happy couple for my sake. After all, I like Derek, but don't have an OMG crush on him. I like it this way, i'm happy to be friends. I don't know his girlfriend Amanda well, but she's Caitlin's friend. I'm beginning to feel a bit guilty for glomping/hugging him. Screwing around with other people realtionships, unless they ask for advice, is not my thing. It would make feel bad. Part of the reason I can deal with myself is that i'm not carrying extreme guilt. Yes, I have many regrets, but nothing truly bad.
*snuggles jacket and kitties* Dairy Queen is yummy

Gah, stop fighting kitties! Bad Dudley, leave Socks alone! Hee hee, Katie's so cute. Ever had your hand gnawed on by an almost toothless cat? I love my old kitten :) We're the same age.

my pet!


I've been really busy lately and just didn't feel like posting this weekend. I've been working all week on an assignment I thought was due this Friday and it's fairly large. I found out from JillRocca that's it due Monday, and I hope to hell she's right or i'm screwed. Watching Witch hunter robin was again was awesome at club today, but i'm afraid it's still deeply ingrained in my Mind. I've been watching Noir for awhile (which I alos did with WHR) because i'm always discovering things I missed before, thinking new thoughts and finding inspiration. Perhaps it's just the earlier episodes of Robin, i'm finding nothing new for me, just the nostalgia and old love. I still intend to go through it, starting at 12 since I know the first eleven or so inside out. We'll see. I'll do what I feel like. I watched the last episode of noir and it left me determined to try to be happier. I've been brooding a lot lately.

I think more than anything, I just need some time to think in a pleasant place. The shadows taint my thoughts, though they have long allowed me to hide. I'm almost sorry to say I hide a lot from the people around me. I still like the dark, but I need sunlight. I love my home, but it too is too familiar, leading me down the same old paths in many respects. Not like I can just escape, but i'll try to visit the park which I haven't done in ages. I'm glad for Jill, she helps me stay sane when I see her and the rest is up to me. I like being around the same person for long periods of time with exceptions. I can't do that as well with Kismet anymore, we've changed. I don't know what she sees in Tiernan that she finds so annoying and threatening, but I know she is wrong. I'm also uncomfortable with her and James. I don't think she would cheat on Kevin, but...I thought we would go back to the way we were, but i'm uncertain. I thought she'd be one of things from the past I would never let go of, but i'm so certain anymore. It saddens me, she's always been like my sister. I'm thankful i've became good friends with Jill, Tiernan, and Caitlin otherwise i'd be alone. True I have other friends, but those three are the ones I actually hang out with outside of school or come close to confiding in. Can't say I like keeping in it, but it's undoubtedly true I prefer it that way. Kismet's always been there so I'm not liking the idea of having to let her go.

Otaku was fun, I didn't know Allison thought I was a senior. Seniors typically are the presidents though. Happily Maude said the Major's cosplay is coming along well. Must tone up my body so I do a good job summer.

Ryoshi, you are continually kind to me and i'm estatic that you trust me as you do, but I can't under you nor do I know the real you.

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*laughs* how sad, even now I think to myself "Hey, that was a good Noir AMV!" XD I'll be fine i'm sure. Some things I can still rely on, even if they are silly. I've kept myself relatively well to this point right?

How did I get here?

Ok, yes, I post just about everyday. What can I say? A lot happens. I think a lot so there's much to say. I sort of miss writing in my journal (ultra! privacy, but most people I know don't know of this account so...) *sigh contently* I had an excellent dinner. How often do I get to go to Chickie and Pete's? I love seafood so it's like a pefect dinner there. To top it off, I had Dairy Queen! Yum! M&M blizzards rock my...ice cream. XD, that worked! We went and got Grandma from the airport thus the dinner. I've been hyper for most of the day, starting at lunch. I was bouncing, being talkative, and friendly overall. I LUV FREE MILK (and various other edible substances) FROM DEREK! Just because! Free milk is normally deadly, but it's safe from Derek so OK! Also yumminess, I got Snickerdoodles (type of cookie) from Maude today! And both she and Allison know about the Hollis-thing. Better yet, they sympathize. Amazing! I haven't been told i'm creepy or weird for it. Makes me feel a bit better, a little. I still can't talk much about, I do all of that in my head. I'm not sure if I want people to bring it up with me anyway. Happily I was picked up right after club, i'll talk to Ryoshi in the morning. There was much glomping and huggleness in club. Yay Jillian and Caitlin. Jill's becoming more and more of one of my most close compainions. I can't help, but ask myself "When and how did that happen? When did she become so important to me and even better, me to her?" I ask the same thing for Ryoshi, Caitlin and Tiernan, I can't fully answer either. I have a fair idea. I'm happy to sya I get hugs everyday. Maybe that's why i'm a happy person in general.

I went to return Ryoshi's jacket that I borrowed from him last Thursday, but he said "It's all right, I trust you. I know it's safe in your hands." I wanted to run around squeeing or thank him, but that would make it too obvious. It always warms me to know I have his trust. I'm pleased to have earned it. I was almost compltely silent on the car ride to the airport, but once started looking for Grandma, I became bouncy again, running around babbling in French. It's good to practice anyway and most people can't understand therefore better! I continued to talk in French continuously for anything I know in the car before nad after dinner. Have to say, I enjoyed myself. The airport was cold and my Mom kindly lent me her jacket. I couldn't help, but agree with her. Wish we were picking up Stephen from the airport. I tend to judge her as "weak" sometimes because she doesn't hold up as well emotionally as I do. I'm realzing that's not completely fair, we haven't been through the same things. We're either getting along well or figthing. We've been unhappy with one another lately, so i'm glad it changed today. I really don't like fighting with her, but she can be difficult. Her birthday is Saturday, I better do something for her soon!

You know what drives me crazy and makes me feel extremely guilty? When I argue with Takkun and fight with him about him doing something I think he should. He ignores me, and i'm bitchy to him. Then, he turns around and does it or something nice later. WTF, he can be so selfish or extremely kind ;_;
I've gotten a ton of color bars thanks to anime_colorbar. I spent hours on that darn site going trhough old entries. I tend to get serious once I get into something, work too happily. I sit there and write essays/reports without breaks for the most part. I prefer to finish something once I start, but somethings are just too big^^' I requested a Noir color bar since that's what I was truly searching for, but couldn't find. Somebody agreed and I can't wait. Happily, I found two for Witch Hunter Robin and most of the animes i'm really fond of. Livejournal is a good thing.

*laughs* After school, Ryoshi-san and I were messing around on quiz galaxy. We still have to think of a anme for our cult since we're going to run together with Rocca-chan's aid. I'm so happy i'll have the power to resurrect grade-b celebrities and use them in my undead army. Ryoshi can train squirrels to become ninjas! ROFL, it'll be a hell of a cult! With crazy spaniards to guide us. Heh, Laura and some of the others think I should tell him. uh...No! Why would I spoil what I have? It would take a load off me, but not worth not-being-able-to-look-at-him. Huh, haven't watched Noir OR Robin in awhile. Maybe I should do that once I clear the toher things i'm supposed to watch.

Still not great with Kismet, but getting better. I think it'll be okay. We briefly texted last night, her asking about what something meant in french since I take it. I'm texting her right now. I'm glad, I think we'll go back to normal once we hang out again. Just needs time. Come to think of it, I guess I don't have "a best friend". I'm close to a couple of main people (Jillian, Tiernan, Caitlin, Kismet and perhaps Ryoshi). In reality, the people I spend the most time with are Takkun and Ryoshi. I live with Kevin, do most things with him, and Ryoshi I visit almost everyday after school. I spend a lot of time by myself, not that I mind. Only sometimes when i'm lonely. Wonder why that is? The friends I do have are awesome though. The things i do with them, receive from them, I don't forget. Maybe it's better that way. Well, i'm content for the time ebing.