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Going Friends Only!


Hi! Kyobi! If you'd like to chat or have things in common, feel free to add me. Just please tell me if you do! I'm open to most things, I have problems like anyone else, but I tend to be cheerful. See you around!

I've been inactive for a couple years, and while I'm not exactly going to be super active, I'll probably check now. Maybe, ha ha. It would be a good place to post on study abroad huh?


May. 13th, 2006

I'm feeling much better. I've only seen three episodes of Kiddy Grade, but i'm loving it already. I must see more! I would borrow from Ryoshi-san, but he's trying to gather all os his DVDs from various people together so I shan't. I'll have to wait until nest year. Nonetheless, I want surfing the net for stuff on it. I also must watch more Raxhephon, curse you G4 for taking it away! these two may become my new obsessions. I'm on Noir, but most ghost in the shell at the moment. As I was preparing for bed, I had blood on my face decided to try it, see what's all the rage with vampires. I realized something, that's exactly what my mouth tastes like while i'm at the dentist! *Rolls On Floor Laughing* Evil! A vampire could never be a dentist, too much temptation methinks. Sadly, we're not going to get to see "Much Ado about Nothing" performed live, but at least we will still be having a trip! "The Tempest"

Goodnight everyone!

May. 1st, 2006

Interview thanks to Milieva!
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and creepily personal nature. Or not so creepy/personal.
3. You WILL update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

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Ah! Chrono Crusade and Noir angst is very unhealthy!

Chrono Crusade Anime Ending

Wow, i'm depressed. I just finished the Chrono Crusade anime and I have to say they really screwed up the manga. I can't say whether or not it's good anime because i'm prejudiced due to the fact the manga was so great as it was and they went and changed so much. I haven't finished the manga yet, but the ending of the anime sucked and i'm now semi-depressed. I was crying, i'm still damp :P They messed up the personalties, the storyline, Mary Magdalan (which probably made me angrier than anything else, the anime made her pratically not matter. god, the poor manga). sorry, I can't help, but rant. The ending really did upset me. I think the manga ending will be just as sad, but much better. Gr... *tear tear tear* I'm in the state of mind right now when I can't believe something is over. It'll take me a bit. *sob*

Anway, I couldn't update Thursday because of all my fricking school work. This was like the toughest homework/project week. Then I got the person in the back of my mind poking me, saying "Hey, you're not single. what are you going to?" *shrug* Enjoy myself and stop worrying. "But, but..." Shush, i'm fine with it now 'Fine, be that way. I'm going to mess with your insides!" and it did, my digestive system was acting up today and I pratically killed my brother. Yes Kevin, I enjoy putting myslef in pain so I can gas your room...uh, no. i'm much better now, I honestly don't know what that was about. No, I don't talk to myself like that. It just a good way to put it. I'm happy I stopped worrying and am normal again.

I spent Friday and this morning at Jillian's house hwich was a change. I like doing stuff with people.
I'll finish updating later. Got to go!
Woah, I have Roxas syndrome! Kevin spent two hours and 11 minutes playing Kingdom Hearts
II. You know how Roxas kept going in and out of reality? Well, I kept dozing on and off after like the first half of an hour. I was paying attention, but I was so tired for some reason. It was like I lost control of what was going on. I eventually feel completely asleep without meaning to. I think I was subconciously listening to the game because I semi dreamed about Kingdom Hearts II. I suddenly woke up and the first words out of my mouth was "Black box". For some reason Sora had been talking about planes and was describing something unbreakable placed in a plane to keep track of it or something so I was like "Hey, that's a black box!". Kevin was like "WTF are you talking about?" I was groggy and suddenly utterly confused. My mind feels so fuzzy, even more so earlier. I'm rather slow. *shakes head* I'm not sure what I dreamed and what happened at this point. Kevin filled me in on what I missed. I was awake for the struggle tournament. Why'd they have to use Crispin Freeman's voice for Setzer? He sucks, a whiny prettyboy thus far. Growl. Anyway, Kevin and I are really enjoying Kingdom Hearts II. I just hope it gets out of my mind O_o I'm not even a Kingdom Hearts obsessed person! I wasn't one of the people waiting for the sequel with bated breath. I'll be back later. Time for more KHII. I definitely like Passion more than Sanctuary, but they're both awesome. Lolz, *pulls an Olette* Here's some Ice Cream! I approve of their tastes XD

Ok back several hours later. Spent four hours total on that darn game. We finally got Sora back. Wonder what happened to Roxas? I have the Body worlds trip for Ms.Feinstein's calls tomorrow. I'm going to be wondering "what was this person's name? what kind of life did they live..."
I survived the the back to school after easter! Actually it was a rather easygoing day. Watched a movie, listened to teachers talk, and had two really good things happen. First, we had to pick classes for the fourth marking period. Derek, Victoria, Anne, and I tried to take starball, but there were too many people. As a result, some people were drafted to Frisbee including me so I was separated. I'm only acquaintainces with the people in my class which meant i'd have to go through the pain of being partnered with whoever was left. Didn't appeal to me in the slightest (I hate working in groups in French-_-'), but wasn't much I could do. I settled for leaning against Derek. He's actually a rather comfy chair^^ I also got to play around with Victoria. She decided to switch into Frisbee so I wouldn't be alone. "Hey Derek, want to join Frisbee?" "Sure" Anne would've been abandonded, but happily came with us. Yay! I feel so loved! Funny how small things can change your mind, but I never fail (or I try not to lolz) to notice.

I did and didn't miss people. What's with that? I did miss Jillian. I didn't realize until I saw her which is how I am. I seldom really miss people until I see them again and at the parting. Another self-defense mechanism I have I believe. I missed Victoria, Ryoshi, and Derek too. Eh, that's it really. The other good thing was I didn't go to Study Hall today. I managed to convince Ryoshi to let me sit in his class. I was surprised he let me. I finished the adorable Riku/Sora fanfic I got from Jillian and got to talk to him. Sadly, he was feeling sick to his stomach. I hope he's feeling better. Ryoshi also gave Jillian and I plenty of Air, a gorgeous anime. Jillian was sad I think. she said "Say something to cheer me up!" Just before she left. I said "I love you!" Best thing I could come up with on short notice. Maybe i'll do something for her. Oh, I know! I found a cute Sora/Riku colorbar!

I's want more Leon/Ashley! Fortunately..*squee!* I just saw the Silent Hill trialer! It's going to be freaky, but I still want to see it. I'm bad with gore, but the Resident Evil movies were actually funny. 'Nother thing to look forward to (maybe in the next weeks, shipping, bleh), I ordere the Noir playing cards! I've been having fun with my Ghost in the Shell cards and since i'm suh a Noir obsessor anyway... I stopped by the river an hour or so ago. I couldn't see well. It was strange, it was lighter when I got there and even though I sat there, I didn't see it become dark. How strange. I think i'll continue rereading Binah.
I love "Passion", the new song from Kingdom Hearts 2, used as the intro. We watched the intro on Zellar's MySpace. It's sooo cool. Doug says he'll let us borrow Kingdom Hearts 2 since he's beaten it numerous times. I think people are silly, why on earth do they hate Kairi? She seems ok to me. Just because you support Riku/Sora doesn't mean you have to hate Kairi. Well, whatever. The intro song rocks at any rate. Doug and Zellars came over later yesterday after Laura, Paul, Josh, and Derek left. The five os us had fun, watching various clips on the internet and two episodes of ghost in the shell after I fed them. We watched "Cash Eye" and "Missing Hearts". They're two of my favorites and I watched another favorite this morning, "Escape From" where the Tachikoma "runs away." At any rate, it was cool. Takkun and I went to the Skating Rink with Zellars and Doug after picking up his brother Devin (cute! and he dances to Cyber bird which we were also listening to in the kitchen while I ate dinner) Going to the Skating rink was...interesting. Sometimes it amazes me how other people around Kevin and I's age are and the wya they behave. They're extremely dependant on they're friends, immature, and find stupid reasons to fight. Kevin and I kept careful watch over Devin while Chris and Doug went to keep them from doing anything really stupid. Sometimes I wonder if I belong to the human race. Somebody made a mistake :P

There's this girl Lucy, a liar and whiny person from what I hear and have seen. She's obsessed with Doug. Unfortunately, she annoys him and doesn't know when to let things be. Doug doesn't like to hurt people's feelings so he's having trouble pushing her away. Then there's the fact he still has a crush on me, but I don't return those feelings, only wish to be friends. I'm sorry to be hurting him, but that's how it is. I'm not going to string guys along, it does no good. I've done that twice now and I dislike repeating past mistakes. I like talking to him, but he would eventually drive me crazy. He tends to go Emo sometimes like the other people who are weak. That more than anything else, irritates me about people. Feel free to keep things to yourself, but if you're going to do that around friends, don't be moody, suck it up. Either be sad and let people know what's up or keep it entirely to yourself. There are exceptions of course, sometimes you can't help it and should be sad, but really. Maybe i'm just stronger than most people. I tend to forget what's wrong or push it to the back of my mind around friends or family simply because they make me happy. The only people I know that don't go Emo like are Derek, Takkun, Tiernan, Ryoshi, and Laura in a weird way. Can't explain it.

Bleh, I love people, but they drive me crazy. Cheer up and toughen up Emo kids. On a side note, i'm not sure if I want to be more like Rem Saverem or Motoko Kusanagi. I look up to them both.

Apr. 5th, 2006

...Huh, I forget what I was going to say. I was going to update earlier, but I was helping Takkun was his homework. It was a good-sized vocab crossword puzzle. Happily, I knew all the words he had so he would give me a definition and I gave him the word. I feel smart! Lol. I went online earlier as Derek asked, but he wasn't there. Don't know what I was going to say anyway :P I'm rather poor at talking online sometimes. Come to think of it, I don't think we know each other that well O_o' We know each other's personality, but I don't think many of our likes and dislikes. Huh, I think it's like that with quite a few of my friends. I bet I could tell you likes and dislikes of Caitlin and Tiernan, but they couldn't do the same for me. Probably because I spend most of my time having fun with people, don't give much about myself besides always being myself if that makes sense. I still have to watch Noir The Unsoled Story! I adore the Puppet show! Rawr, I WILL do that tonight! We're watching Advent Children tomorrow and Air afterwards. I never got around to watching it, I mean Air. I slept in the bottom bunk again last night simply for comfort. I slipped out early in the morning so Kevin didn't (I originally said doesn't, but he just looked at my entry =D He's fricking proof-reading my journal...and doing a good job) know. I even said "At least I stayed in my room last night" and he said "Well, I didn't play as much yesterday". Lol, I am good at slinking around! I am teh wolf ninj4! Neh, Wolf'll do for me. Good news, Laura says she's going to follow me home on Friday and Derek, Josh, and Romeo might do so as well! I hope we'll have fun, even if it ends up being just Laura. I'll get to know her better. Gah, Fire fox is acting stupid, i'll have to wait to post this.

Kevin likes a mechanical pencil I got from somebody ages ago, I forget who. Kevin says to go through people's book bags and tell them i'm looking for a cookie. He also says they would probably let me. I think he's right.*huggles Ryoshi and runs* CATALINA!!!WHY'D YOU HAVE TO CUT OFF ALL OF YOUR HAIR AND SLEEP WITH JOE MORE!? That's so funny. Where did everyone go? I don't get comments on live journal anymore! Have I been abandoned!? Say something Derek or Jillian! Meh, "Gravity" is an awesome song. So pretty, romantic, and sad! It brings me back to Amon X Robin fandom!<-LOVE! I wants more Ghost In The Shell!

I did this like hours ago, but the computer went stupid on us :P

Apr. 4th, 2006

I'm feeling rather wolfish right now. I'd love a game of tag or the werewolf game. A nice hunt of that sort or physical activity would help relieve some anger. If it wasn't for the fact it's after ten and I had a shower, then I would be running around outside right now. Frusration doesn't work for anyone, but betrayal, especially from one you care about, will do that to you. I'm ready to end something swiftly, but I can't as of yet nor am I completely sure. I'll just have to go with instinct. Wolfish feelings aside, i'm trying to focus on Rem from Trigun. I want to be more like. Not as idealistic as she is perhaps, but I want to have faith in people and life. After all, the ticket to the future is always blank. I watched "Rem Savarem" today, one of my favorite episodes of Trigun. I'm sad about what happened to Rem, but I want to make a difference in other people's lives like she did. I'm sure if I do, i'll make somebody happy. I was really angry, but it's pure determination to change some relationships right now.

I didn't sleep well last night. I kept jumping at every single sound. My hearing becomes like ten times better when i'm scared so I was constantly on alert, freaked out thanks to Resident Evil Outbreak. In the end, I couldn't sleep safely in my room and snuck into the bottom bunk in Kevin's room in the middle of the night. I always for so much safer when I sleep around other people. It makes an amazing difference, as long I at least trust them a little. I think my logic may be if something does come, it'll go after the other person or i'll at least have some warning. Don't ask, i'm just guessing. I may sleep up there again since I was atching it again and I don't feel like curling up un a scared littel Kyobi-ball. Zombies scare me! But I still love the games, so evil. Still, i'm getting peace back thanks to Rem. I want to help people and be there for them, not for gain, but because I want to :) I'll continue to try my best!

*laughs madly at dancing tape for gym class and dancing with Derek and Victoria* I love those two! They make every day that much better. Victoria and I have declared ourselves dishwashing buddies, lol! I didn't tell her the reference. Somebody asked her "Want to wash dishes with me?" Victoria says "No, Lauren is my dishwashing buddy!" I cra cked up and glomped her. Yay! I hope Jillian gets better, she was sick today. I got disks from Ryoshi-san for her!

*Note to Self* Quit reading fanfiction and being such a hopeless romantic!

Apr. 3rd, 2006

Kevin and I scared each other. I scared him suddnely coming out of the bathroom and he scared me while suddenly being in front of me when I left the bathroom. Definitely the result of Resident Evil Outbreak. The first came today, we like it much better than the second. I'm not used to it yet thouhg *sheepish* Every Resident Evil except for number four scared me enough to make me jumpy and lose some sleep. I predict an interesting night for myself -_-' and probably will remain jumpy until I know the game inside out. Hell, I still get jumpy later on every time I watch number three. I'm thinking I should lay off, my curiousity will most likely get the better of me. But, sleep I love you! Kevin's searching for his wrench that he keep by his bed and I have my leopards Zane and Cherry. I also have Enzeru, my wolf, but I wish I had Micah.

I had to map out a Hero's Journey for a project and I chose Mireille. I love the poster I made^^ I was the second to present today (and I have english first period). Unfortunately, I am always nervous and almost forgetful when presenting in front of people. I remember what's it important, but still. I can't help it, not even Noir could stop it! I though I did so-so, but I talked to Ms.Latorre later and she said I was great. I went "Wait! Really!?" I was so happy! Lunch with Derek, Laura, Chris, Josh, and both Jaimes is always fun. I'm apparently "dating" nine people. Lol! I'm not complaining, it's more fun that way. Plus, my table people are always nice to me, especially Derek and Laura. I do trust them by now, they're good, amusing people. Better yet, it's rarely awkward, and if so, only for about a second or so. Laura's almost done drawing Kyobi stealing Major Kusanagi away from Chris. ROFL, poor Chris. I'm apparently taking her back to Derek's house where he and probably Laura will be wating. Hee hee. I can't wait to cosplay the Major and Mireille! *big huggles* Kirika is sooo cute. I couldn't hurt her anymore than I could a kitten!

I was watching Noir, episodes 1 and 2 to hopefully relax myself. They did for a bit, but some of Resident Evil still lingers with me. I think i'm going to watch "Noir The Unsoled Story" before I go to bed. That's the beloved puppet show! I got a bunch of episodes of Blood+ and Full Metal Panic:The Second Raid from Ryoshi-san today. Hooray! I hope he knows i'm grateful. I'm quite happy. Jillian was with after school today which was cool. Jill's somebody who can talk games with me, anime, and things in general. Her Mom was kind enough to take me home too. We were sitting under her umbrella talking after Ryoshi left. I hope we get to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival together!

Oh YES!! They updated a Leon/Ashley fanfic! Off to the Puppet show!? Story first!...Sadly, no puppet show tonight, but the story was good!
Lovely icon by itsutsuboshi I'll have to ask her to use it so I suggest everyone so the same if they choose to steal.