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Apr. 3rd, 2006

Kevin and I scared each other. I scared him suddnely coming out of the bathroom and he scared me while suddenly being in front of me when I left the bathroom. Definitely the result of Resident Evil Outbreak. The first came today, we like it much better than the second. I'm not used to it yet thouhg *sheepish* Every Resident Evil except for number four scared me enough to make me jumpy and lose some sleep. I predict an interesting night for myself -_-' and probably will remain jumpy until I know the game inside out. Hell, I still get jumpy later on every time I watch number three. I'm thinking I should lay off, my curiousity will most likely get the better of me. But, sleep I love you! Kevin's searching for his wrench that he keep by his bed and I have my leopards Zane and Cherry. I also have Enzeru, my wolf, but I wish I had Micah.

I had to map out a Hero's Journey for a project and I chose Mireille. I love the poster I made^^ I was the second to present today (and I have english first period). Unfortunately, I am always nervous and almost forgetful when presenting in front of people. I remember what's it important, but still. I can't help it, not even Noir could stop it! I though I did so-so, but I talked to Ms.Latorre later and she said I was great. I went "Wait! Really!?" I was so happy! Lunch with Derek, Laura, Chris, Josh, and both Jaimes is always fun. I'm apparently "dating" nine people. Lol! I'm not complaining, it's more fun that way. Plus, my table people are always nice to me, especially Derek and Laura. I do trust them by now, they're good, amusing people. Better yet, it's rarely awkward, and if so, only for about a second or so. Laura's almost done drawing Kyobi stealing Major Kusanagi away from Chris. ROFL, poor Chris. I'm apparently taking her back to Derek's house where he and probably Laura will be wating. Hee hee. I can't wait to cosplay the Major and Mireille! *big huggles* Kirika is sooo cute. I couldn't hurt her anymore than I could a kitten!

I was watching Noir, episodes 1 and 2 to hopefully relax myself. They did for a bit, but some of Resident Evil still lingers with me. I think i'm going to watch "Noir The Unsoled Story" before I go to bed. That's the beloved puppet show! I got a bunch of episodes of Blood+ and Full Metal Panic:The Second Raid from Ryoshi-san today. Hooray! I hope he knows i'm grateful. I'm quite happy. Jillian was with after school today which was cool. Jill's somebody who can talk games with me, anime, and things in general. Her Mom was kind enough to take me home too. We were sitting under her umbrella talking after Ryoshi left. I hope we get to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival together!

Oh YES!! They updated a Leon/Ashley fanfic! Off to the Puppet show!? Story first!...Sadly, no puppet show tonight, but the story was good!
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