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Apr. 4th, 2006

I'm feeling rather wolfish right now. I'd love a game of tag or the werewolf game. A nice hunt of that sort or physical activity would help relieve some anger. If it wasn't for the fact it's after ten and I had a shower, then I would be running around outside right now. Frusration doesn't work for anyone, but betrayal, especially from one you care about, will do that to you. I'm ready to end something swiftly, but I can't as of yet nor am I completely sure. I'll just have to go with instinct. Wolfish feelings aside, i'm trying to focus on Rem from Trigun. I want to be more like. Not as idealistic as she is perhaps, but I want to have faith in people and life. After all, the ticket to the future is always blank. I watched "Rem Savarem" today, one of my favorite episodes of Trigun. I'm sad about what happened to Rem, but I want to make a difference in other people's lives like she did. I'm sure if I do, i'll make somebody happy. I was really angry, but it's pure determination to change some relationships right now.

I didn't sleep well last night. I kept jumping at every single sound. My hearing becomes like ten times better when i'm scared so I was constantly on alert, freaked out thanks to Resident Evil Outbreak. In the end, I couldn't sleep safely in my room and snuck into the bottom bunk in Kevin's room in the middle of the night. I always for so much safer when I sleep around other people. It makes an amazing difference, as long I at least trust them a little. I think my logic may be if something does come, it'll go after the other person or i'll at least have some warning. Don't ask, i'm just guessing. I may sleep up there again since I was atching it again and I don't feel like curling up un a scared littel Kyobi-ball. Zombies scare me! But I still love the games, so evil. Still, i'm getting peace back thanks to Rem. I want to help people and be there for them, not for gain, but because I want to :) I'll continue to try my best!

*laughs madly at dancing tape for gym class and dancing with Derek and Victoria* I love those two! They make every day that much better. Victoria and I have declared ourselves dishwashing buddies, lol! I didn't tell her the reference. Somebody asked her "Want to wash dishes with me?" Victoria says "No, Lauren is my dishwashing buddy!" I cra cked up and glomped her. Yay! I hope Jillian gets better, she was sick today. I got disks from Ryoshi-san for her!

*Note to Self* Quit reading fanfiction and being such a hopeless romantic!

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